Table of Contents

Volume 23 (2017) – Current Issue 

Helmuth Trischler and Fabienne Will
Technosphere, Technocene, and the History of Technology, pp.

Petter Wulff
Climate Change – How Can History Help? pp.

Maria Paula Diogo, Ivo Louro, and Davide Scarso
Uncanny Nature: Why the concept of Anthropocene is relevant for historians of technology, pp.

Ruth Morgan
The Anthropocene as Hydro-Social Cycle: Histories of Water and Technology for the Age of Humans, pp.

John B. Stranges, Matthew M. Troia, and Claudette E. Walck
Limited Victory: Love Canal Reclaimed, pp.

Jose A. Muñoz Alvis
Through a Technique of Building, pp.

Stefan Krebs
The Failure of Binaural Stereo: German Sound Engineers and the Introduction of Artificial Head Microphones, pp.

Barbara Rymsza, Anna Mistewicz, and Zbigniew Tucholski
Kierbedź Bridge: A History of The First Permanent Bridge Across the Vistula in Warsaw, Poland, pp.

Book Reviews, pp.

Volume 22 (2016)

Maria Paula Diogo and Ana Simões
‘All History is Relevant, but the History of Technology is the Most Relevant’: An Informal Tribute to Kranzberg’s Laws, pp. 1-7

Francesca Bray
Flows and Matrices, Landscapes and Cultures, pp. 8-19

Vasily P. Borisov
Technology in Russia: History, Events, Views, pp. 20-27

Vincent Lagendijk and Frank Schipper
East, West, Home’s Best: The Material Links of Cold War Yugoslavia, 1948–1980, p. 28-54

Tomás Errázuriz and Guillermo Giucci
The Ambiguities of Progress: Cultural Appropriation of Electric Trams in the Southern Cone, 1890–1950 (Chile, Argentina Uruguay and Brazil), pp. 55-77.

Shaul Katzir
Variations and Combinations: Invention and Development of Quartz Clock Technologies at AT&T, pp. 78-114

Malcolm R. Hill
Russian Iron Production from the Repeal of Serfdom to the First World War, pp. 115-138

Book Reviews, pp. 139-

Volume 21 (2015)

Andrew J. Butrica
The Mind’s Eye: Technical Education, Drawing and Meritocracy in France, 1800–1850, pp. 1-23

Gemma Cirac Claveras
Factories of Satellite Data: Remote Sensing and Physical Earth Sciences in France, pp. 24-50 (FULL TEXT)

Ricardo Córdoba de la Llave
Making and Using Alum in Hispanic Craft Recipe Books from the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, pp. 51-65

Mark Kulikowski
Fantasy Flights: Technology, Politics and the Soviet Airship Programme, 1930-1938, pp. 66-80

Francisco A. González-Redondo and Giles Camplin
The Controversial Origins of the Mooring Mast for Airships: An Historical Overview of a Neglected Branch of Aeronautical Technology that has Great Potential for Future Use, pp. 81-108

Dick van Lente
The Romance of Technology in an Age of Extremes: Leonard de Vries’ Hobby Clubs, 1945–1965, pp. 109-125

Richard Vahrenkamp
Coping with Shortage and Chaos: Truck Cargo Transport in the Eastern Bloc, 1950–1980, pp. 126-146

Geoff Smith
Medieval Gunpowder Chemistry: A Commentary on the Firework Book, pp. 147-166

Petter Wulff
A Steel Disc and Its Consequences, pp. 167-179

Artemis Yagou
Streets of Lisbon: A Visual Essay, pp. 180-181

Book Reviews , pp. 182-

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