Volume 17 (2011)

Exploring the History of Technology [full text]

Angus Buchanan
Power and Conservation: The Importance of the History of Technology, pp.  3-11

Sonja Petersen
Piano Manufacturing between Craft and Industry: Advertising and Image Cultivation of Early 20th Century German Piano Production, pp. 12-30

Carroll Pursell
The American Patent Agency: The Embedded ‘Lone Inventor’ in American History, pp. 31-39

Artemis Yagou
Is Everyday Technology Serious or Fun? Reflections on Emotional Styles in Product Design, pp. 40-56

Yoel Bergman
Alfred Nobel Aniline and Diphenlamine, pp. 57-67

Re-using the Industrial Past

Brenda J. Buchanan
The Gunpowder Heritage: ‘Re-using the Industrial Past’, pp. 71-93

Okada Masaaki
Interpretation of Defence Heritage in Japan: A Survey of its ‘Neglect and Reuse’ and Future Potential as Significant Landscape, pp. 94-106

Book reviews

pp. 109-150