The programme committee especially encourages graduate students and early career researchers to participate in the symposium and to submit their proposals (a limited number of travel grants will be available; for further information see the conference page). Since we aim at quick and equal processing of submissions, paper or poster proposals must be submitted in English. Nevertheless, besides English also French, German, Russian and Spanish are acceptable for paper and poster presentations at the symposium. The organisers will not provide simultaneous translation during the symposium.

INDIVIDUAL PAPER proposals must include: (1) a 250-word abstract; and (2) a one-page CV.

SESSION proposals must include (1) an abstract of the session (250 words maximum), listing the proposed papers and a session chairperson; (2) abstracts for each paper (250 words); (3) a one-page CV for each contributor and chairperson. Sessions should consist of at least one set of presentations (90 minutes time slot) and they may include three or four papers in each, which might extend to a series of successive sections over more than one day. Proposing a commentator – instead of the fourth presenter – is also possible. The programme committee reserves the right to relocate papers to different themes and add papers to sessions. We also encourage proposing roundtables and other “new” as well as innovative, experimental session formats. Whatever the session format will be, organisers and chairs are expected to reserve enough time for general discussion between the presenters and audience.

POSTER proposals must include (1) a 200-word abstract; (2) at least a draft image of the proposed poster in JPG or PDF file and (3) a one-page CV.

Important Information
Abstracts should include a short descriptive title, a concise statement of the thesis, a brief discussion of the sources, and a summary of the major conclusions. If you are submitting a paper proposal dealing with a particular subtheme, please indicate this in your proposal.

To help the writing your abstract, you are invited to review sample abstracts here.

In preparing your paper, remember that presentations are not full-length articles, and they will not be printed in conference proceedings. Depending on the number of papers in the session, you will have no more than 15–20 minutes to speak, which is roughly equivalent to six – eight double-spaced typed pages.
Contributors are encouraged to submit full-length versions of their papers after the symposium for consideration by ICOHTEC’s journal ICON.




Page updated: 17 December 2014