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ICON : Volume 11 (2005)

Table of Contents

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Stepen Sheehan
The Natur of Technology: Chanhing Concepts of Technology in the Early Twentieth Century


Allete Fleische
The Garden Behind the Dyke: Land Reclamation and Dutch Culture in the 17th Century


Petter Wulff
Sweden and Clandestine German Rearmament Technology


Johann Gribbe and Mikael Nilsson
The Foreing Domestic:
Hard Artefacts and Soft Politics in Sweden during the First Half of the Cold War, 1945-1967


Jonathan Hagood
Arming and Instrualizing Péron’s New Argentina:
the Transfer of German Scientists and Technology after World War II


Outi Ampuja
Towards an Artificial Soundscape? Modern Soundscapes Under Human Design


Ivan Tchalakov
The History of Holographic Optical Storage on Both Sides of the Iron Curtain 1969-1989


Ian J. Slater
Next Generation Nuclear Reactors


Pierre Lamard
American Industry:
The Model to Appy to Improve Productivity: Examples of Peugeot and Alsthom Industries – France


Wim Ravesteijn
Water Control and the Colonial State:
the Case of Duch Irrigation Eningeering in the Indonesian Island of Java, 1832-1942


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