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ICON : Volume 15 (2009)

Table of Contents

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Benjamin B. Olshin
Sophistical Devices: Leonardo da Vinci’s Investigations of Perpetual Motion


Yoel Bergman
Paul Vieille, Cordite, and Ballistite


Gabriele Balbi, Spartaco Calvo, Simone Tari, Ciuseppe Richeri
“Bringing together the two large electric currents that divide Europe”: Switzerland’s Role in Promoting the Creation of a Common European Telegraph Space, 1849-1865


Kristina Soederholm, Roine Wiklund
Infrastructural Systems and Technical Change: Learning From the Establishment of a Water- and Wastewater System and the Electrification of a Railway Line in a Nordic Climate at the Turn of the 19th Century.


Reinhold Bauer
The Stirling Engine – The ‘Cyclical Life’ of an Old Technology


Stefan Poser
Speed for a Dated Technology: Rowing Boats and High-Tech in the 19th and 20th Centuries


James C. Williams
Resource Conservation and Electrification in California


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