ICON : Volume 18 (2012)

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ICON : Volume 18 (2012)

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Edmund N. Todd
Coordinating the Local: Building Water Regimes in the Ruhr and Louisiana


Darwin H. Stapleton
Oswald T. Avery and the Technological Basis for the Discovery of DNA at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research


Michael Martin and Heiner Fangerau
Seeing Sounds? Styling Vision? The mechanical visualisation of acoustic phenomena in cardiac diagnostics around 1900


Chen-Pang Yeang
Is The Sound and Shapes of Noise: Measuring Disturbances in Early Twentieth-Century Telephone and Radio Engineering


Erich Pauer
The Search for (Social) Identity: Japanese Engineers, 1910–1940


Jung Sook Bae
Consumer Advertising for Korean Women and Impacts of Early Consumer Products under Japanese Colonial Rule


Benjamin B. Olshin
A Revealing Reflection: The Case of the Chinese Emperor’s Mirror


Olle Hagman
A Technology in Permanent Transition: 200 Years of Cordwood Building with Consumers as Producers


Alexia Sofia Papazafeiropoulou
Technology Users as Empirically-trained Mechanics: Assembly and Decoration of Improvised Vehicles in Greece during and after World War II


Jytte Thorndahl
Introducing New Technology to the Danish Housewives, 1900–1960


Review Essays


Stephen H. Cutcliffe
Taking a Reflective School Bus Ride Down Constructivist Lane :: Wiebe E. Bijker, Thomas P. Hughes, and Trevor Pinch, eds. Foreword by Deborah H. Douglas. The Social Construction of Technological Systems


Janis Langins
Engineers at the Centre and the Periphery :: Darina Martykánová. Reconstructing Ottoman Engineers; Casper Andersen. British Engineers and Africa


Spyros D. Petrounakos and Maria Rentetzi
Evocative Objects, Inner Histories and Love Stories of the ‘Bricoleur' :: Sherry Turkle. Evocative Objects: Things We Think With; Sherry Turkle. The Inner History of Devices; Sherry Turkle. Falling for Science: Objects in Mind


Book Reviews


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