Past Kranzber Lecturers

2020: 47th symposium, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (virtual)

James Williams (Stetson University, FL, USA)
Humans, Technology, and Nature: A Recipe for Crises?

2019: 46th symposium in Katowice, Poland

Dagmar Schäfer (Max Planck Institute in Berlin)
Cotton and Silk. Capitalism, States and Market Regimes in Premodern Technological Change

2018: 45th symposium in Saint-Étienne, France

Robert Bud (Science Museum in London)
Conceptual history, branding and technology as part of the public sphere

2016 : 43rd symposium in Porto, Portugal

Helmuth Trischler (Deutsches Museum in Munich)
The Anthropocene: A Challenge to the History of Science, Technology, and Sustainability

2015 : 42nd symposium in Tel Aviv, Israel

Robert Fox (University of Oxford)
Mentality or Circumstance? The Dilemmas of Science-Based Industry in France, 1870–1920

2014 : 41st symposium in Brasov, Romania

Alexandre Herlea (Université de Technologie Belfort-Montbéliard)
The History of Technology and the European Unity

2012 : 39th symposium in Barcelona, Spain

Manuel Silva-Suaréz (University of Zaragoza)

2011 : 38th symposium in Glasgow, UK

Hans-Joachim Braun (Helmut-Schmidt University in Hamburg)
Creativity: Technology and the Arts

2010 : 37th symposium in Tampere, Finland

Håkon With Andersen (Norwegian University Of Science And Technology)
Reusing the Industrial Past – The Challenges of Interpretations

2008 : 35th symposium in Victoria, Canada

Robert Post
Invention and Enterprise: The Life and Times of Melvin Kranzberg

2007 : 34th symposium in Copenhagen, Denmark

Helge Kragh (University of Arhus)
(A lecture on interrelationship between technology and cosmology)

2006 : 33rd symposium in Leicester, UK

Arthur I. Miller (University College London)
Einstein, Picasso: The Role of Technology in the Discovery of Cubism and Relativity

2004 : 31st symposium in Bochum, Germany

Claude Debru (l’École normale supérieure in Paris)
Biotechnology: Scientific and philosophical aspects

2003 : 30th symposium in St. Petersburg/Moscow, Russia

Carroll W. Pursell
The Technological Gap and the Brain Drain

2002 : 29th symposium in Granada, Spain

Ruth Schwartz Cowan
Historical Reflections on the New Reproductive Technologies

2000 : 27th symposium in Prague, Czech Republic

Juan José Saldaña

1999 : 26th symposium in Belfort, France

Thomas Parke Hughes
Networks of Knowledge

1998 : 25th symposium in Lisbon, Portugal

Angus Buchanan