Volume 28 issue 2 (2023)

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Arnaud Parent
The Alembic, The Pen…  And The Spacecraft. De la Follie’s Le philosophe sans prétention (1775): An Early Sci-Fi Novel in Lieu of a Successful Scientific Lecture?, pp. 9-40
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Laurent Heyberger
Like Father, Like Daughter…  Or Like Mother, Like Daughter? Parental Models of Women Students at France’s Fourth Largest Engineering College (UTBM) in 1985–2016, pp. 41-62
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Zeynep Sabancı and Somer Alp Şimşeker
A New Type of Warfare: Chemical Filling Facilities in Istanbul, 1914–1918, pp. 63-87
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Tanel Kerikmäe, Aleksi Oskar Johannes Kajander, Ondrej Hamuľák, Matúš Mesarčík, Jozef Andraško, and Innar Liiv
Developing Autonomous Robotic Transport Systems for Hospitals and Medical Facilities: Legal Challenges, pp. 88-104
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Madhu Narayanan
Following “Fibreality”: What Does the Making of Bamboo Baskets Tell Us?, pp. 105-117
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Petter Wulff
The Rise and Fall of Radioactive Carbon in the Atmosphere, pp. 118-127
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Yoel Bergman
The New 1942 Method for Propellant Design and Later Updates, p. 128-135
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