Volume 23 (2017)


What Can Historians of Technology  Contribute to the Anthropocene Debate?

Helmuth Trischler and Fabienne Will
Technosphere, Technocene, and the History of Technology, pp. 1-18
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Petter Wulff
Climate Change – How Can History Help? pp. 19-24
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Maria Paula Diogo, Ivo Louro, and Davide Scarso
Uncanny Nature: Why the concept of Anthropocene is relevant for historians of technology, pp. 25-36
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Ruth Morgan
The Anthropocene as Hydro-Social Cycle: Histories of Water and Technology for the Age of Humans, pp. 37-54
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John B. Stranges, Matthew M. Troia, and Claudette E. Walck
Limited Victory: Love Canal Reclaimed, pp.  55-82
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Jose A. Muñoz Alvis
Through a Technique of Building, pp. 83-112
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Stefan Krebs
The Failure of Binaural Stereo: German Sound Engineers and the Introduction of Artificial Head Microphones, pp. 113-144
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Research in Brief

Barbara Rymsza, Anna Mistewicz, and Zbigniew Tucholski
Kierbedź Bridge: A History of The First Permanent Bridge Across the Vistula in Warsaw, Poland, pp. 145-166
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Book Reviews

Full text of all book reviews (pp. 167-205) listed below:

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Artemis Yagou
Marilyn Palmer and Ian West, Technology in the Country House, pp. 167-168

Alexandra Moormann
Alexander Gall and Helmuth Trischler (eds.), Szenerien und Illusion – Ges-chichte, Varianten und Potenziale von Museumsdioramen, pp. 169-170

Roberta Biasillo
Tiago Saraiva, Fascist Pigs: Technoscientific Organisms and the History of Fascism, pp. 170-172

Louise Horvath
Stefan Poser, Glücksmaschinen und Maschinenglück: Grundlagen einer Technik- und Kulturgeschichte des technisierten Spiels, pp. 172-174

Jan Kunnas
Massimo Moraglio & Simone Fari eds., Peripheral Flows – A Historical Perspective on Mobilities between Cores and Fringes, pp.  174-175

Martin Meiske
Carl A. Zimring, Aluminum Upcycled. Sustainable Design in Historical Perspective, pp. 176-178

Hermione Giffard
Elting E. Morison, Men, Machines, and Modern Times, 50th Anniversary Edition, pp. 178-180

John Z. Langrish
Benoît Godin, Models of Innovation: The History of an Idea, pp. 180-183

Dick Van Lente
Peter Ester and Arne Maas, Silicon Valley: Planet Startup: Disruptive Innovation, Passionate Entrepreneurship & High- tech Startups, pp. 183-185

Bahar Emgin
Barry M. Katz, Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design, pp. 186-188

Sonja Neumann
Hans-Joachim Braun ed., Creativity: Technology and Music, pp. 188-192

Stephanie Probst
Roland Wittje, The Age of Electroacoustics: Transforming Science and Sound, pp. 192-195

Leon Chisholm
Simone Tosoni with Trevor Pinch, Entanglements: Conversations on the Human Traces of Science, Technology, and Sound, pp. 195-197

Klaus Staubermann
Ben Russell ed., Robots: The 500-Year Quest to Make Machines Human, pp. 197-199

Colin Garvey
John M. Jordan, Robots, pp. 199-201

Alexios Zavras
Ed Finn, What Algorithms Want: Imagination in the Age of Computing, pp. 201-203

Hans-Joachim Braun
Annika Frye, Design und Improvisation: Prozesse, Produkte und Methoden, pp. 203-205