ICOHTEC statement on Russian aggression on Ukraine

Dear Friends and ICOHTEC Members,

ICOHTEC firmly refuses the unjustified military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, the acts of war committed by the Russian Federation against civilian targets and the inhabitants of Ukraine, and the threat to use nuclear weapons.

Our thoughts are with the people suffering from brutal acts of warfare. As historians of technology, we know that the increasing inhumanity of wars due to more effective technology has been increasingly under discussion since the 20th century. From a global perspective it becomes evident that several wars are going on, and millions of people are suffering. In the 21st century, it is necessary to agree on the United Nations’ concept to outlaw wars. The states have to collaborate on improving social, economic, and environmental conditions to reduce social tensions.

ICOHTEC can’t contribute to all these fields, but it offers academic exchange and collaboration on current society- and technology-related questions based on the history of technology. Among our members, we have Russian and Ukrainian colleagues who are always welcome to contribute to ICOHTEC and attend our next symposia. We feel solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine and recognize that the war means hard times also for Russian colleagues. ICOHTEC offers a setting for scholarly discussion, peaceful debates, and friendly cooperation to you, whatever your nationality is.

The Executive Board of ICOHTEC

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