Volume 27 issue 2 (2022)

Research Articles

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Peeter Müürsepp
Editorial Note, p. 9

Nelson Arellano-Escudero
Introduction: Advances in the Research of the History of Solar Energy Technologies, p. 11-16

Antoni Roca-Rosell and Nelson Arellano-Escudero
Maria Telkes, Giorgio Nebbia and Promotion of an International Network of Solar Studies (ca. 1955), p. 17-52
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Jean Gecit
The First Steps in the Development of Solar Energy in West Africa (1960–1973), p. 53-71
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Elías Amaya Núñez
Solar Energy in Peru: The Energy Institute of the National University of Engineering (1962–1969), p. 72-89
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Felipe A. López
Solar Energy and Lithium: Genealogy of the Solar Ponds in the Salar de Atacama (1970s), p. 90-126
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Yoel Bergman
US Army and NDRC World War II Rivalry: On the New High Velocity Armour Piercing (HVAP) Projectile, p. 127-144
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Thomas Schuetz
Wasted Time: Reflections on the Repairability of Clocks and Watches from a Historical Perspective, p. 145-166
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Book Review

Lino Camprubí
Técnica e ingeniería en España. Vol. VIII, Del noventayochismo al desarrollismo ed. by Manuel Silva Suárez, p. 167-170